The goats need not remain meat forever… enough for the pythons!

It does not matter which country or city you visit, within a week or two, you are already missing Uganda. Great food varieties. Nice people. And simple life. This country of ours is a class act creation. You wake up daily with ambition—to make life better than it was yesterday. However, with pythons everywhere, it is increasingly becoming very tough to make ends meet.

There is an African saying that “it does not matter how much annoyed the goats become, they will always be the meat of the python.”

Picture this: pythons moving around, eyeing the goats minding their businesses, working hard for a better life only for the python to grab the unaware goats! The hunger of the python knows no bounds. Thereafter, it lies in reckless abandon with a full stomach!

And that is what corrupt people do to the unsuspecting victims.

“Expose corruption!” the victims say. But is it futile? For every scandal revealed, ten more hide in the shadows.

The python tightens its grip, leaving helpless goats frightened. The monster is too big to even scratch. It instead enjoys the noise of the goats and the way they fight for dear life as it tightens the grip and strangles the life out of them. Some it kills for entertainment. I love it when they make noise as life leaves their small bodies.

Yet, amidst despair, heroes emerge. Whistleblowers, journalists, activists, and folks with a lone voice of reason —they wield words and evidence. They chip away at the serpent’s scales.

There is a need to demand accountability with steely resolve. We may be goats, but we need not be passive victims.
Together, we can unravel the python, and transform it into myth—a relic of a bygone era. Noise alone won’t suffice; action is our antidote. The goats need not remain meat forever.

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