Certified Fraud Examiner Review and Study

1 month (4 Weekends) 3rd  Feb– 25th Feb 2024


1 month (4 Weekends) 8th June – 30th June 2024


CFE empowers you with skills to detect and fight fraud in many different industries throughout all sectors of an organization. Increase your earnings, advance your career with the documented evidence of experience and expertise, and enhance your marketability and job security with one of the most marketable credentials today. Increase your chances to succeed with CFE after your name.

This course will help participants:

  1. Detect, deter, prevent fraud, and mentor others on the value of ethics and accountability
  2. Investigate the rampant fraud and corruption in the private and public sectors
  3. Provide professional investigation reports
  4. Understand the legal position in fraud examinations, especially during legal prosecutions.

Course Details:

  • Duration: 4 Weekends
  • Fee:
    • Members: $700
    • Non Members: $780

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